Why Caliva?

We are a true seed to sale company. We fret over every detail–from the soil our plants grow in to the packaging of our products. It’s not just because we’re obsessed. It’s our strategy to both guarantee a quality experience and to enable testing of every potential new way to do better for our customers.

We believe science is the key to unlocking the natural virtues of cannabis for people.

  • We are a world-leader in understanding cannabis at a molecular chemistry level. Our scientists continue to isolate the individual compounds or formulations that provide specific benefits to people, whether that’s helping a cancer patient avoid nausea from chemotherapy or a music-lover getting the most out of concert experience.
  • We use patented, state-of-the-art technology and processes to ensure the quality and purity of our products.
  • We continue to breed and test new crop varieties and strains that do everything from delivering new benefits to customers to requiring less water to grow.
  • Our growers combine for 40 years of horticulture experience, using the most advanced techniques to make the happiest plants. They continue to test and develop new to help our plants grow.
  • Our pharmaceutical-grade lab tests everything to ensure a safe, reliable and natural experience. We already meet or exceed every current and future standard for cannabis in California.

Our customers are our most important stakeholder. We work hard to earn their trust by exceeding their expectations through every Caliva product and experience. Our team strives to provide knowledge, enthusiasm and care when serving our customers and uses their feedback to think of new ways to offer an even better customer experience.