Mike Vu spent the last 2.5 years with Caliva developing out the lab, extraction, and science teams. Vu’s science background started at UC Davis where he studied biochemistry and molecular biology. From there, he spent time doing lab benchwork on cancer cells at a Stanford VA lab. It was here he learned wet lab techniques at one of the most premier cardiothoracic surgery labs in the US.
Vu moved on to working on biomedical diagnostic assays, robotics, and product development at a Biomedical startup in the Davis area. This position required travel and he worked with science partners in Belgium, Germany, France, Korea, and China. After this stint, he co-founded and spent 2 years developing and operating a medical marijuana dispensary in Vallejo and spent a year working on and acquiring medical marijuana licenses and permits for dispensary and cultivation in San Jose, CA and Las Vegas, NV. 
Vu continues to collaborate with scientists and professors from California Universities to encourage innovation and data driven decision making in the cannabis space.